Sunday, October 23, 2011

Words, Tubas, and Pirates.

So here we go... the update before halloween is here and i really have a lot to write about.

so as you know, i've been having a hard time getting motivated to do anything because i didn't feel like i was being productive at all. i mean there's jobhunting, but provo is really not a good location to try and find a job if you're not a student. but that's okay. but i've been doing lots better. my Dad even gave me a pep talk about writing more! now that was a surprise.
so i've been writing. alot. i finished a zombie story i was writing when i was down in ecuador. it's more of a slightly violent comedy. it's funny, but of course it's funnier if you know the people and how it's pretty true to character. literally. anyway but my problem with writing is always my beginning. i can write a fantastic rising action, climax, and conclusion/resolution. But the exodus? forgeddaboutit. i like to hit the ground running... unfortunately most readers don't. but i've finally accepted that about 80% of the original set up of a novel i've been working on for about 7 years..... yeah..... needs rewrite. but i've finally got a plan. and it works a lot better, i think. i mean there are some character eccentricities that i need to fix but those are minor details. so i'm making progress! and i feel productive because this is a dream that i can still achieve! YAY!
moving on... Scott, my wonderful musical husband, got us seats in the grand OcTUBAfest ensemble this last weekend. we went to the performances on thursday night which were AWESOME and then we attended rehearsal Saturday morning and played in the saturday night concert. it was amazing! thursday night when i was listening, i started to remember how much i loved playing in band when i was in high school. playing Tuba is something that really too few of us get to appreciate. it's this massive instrument, full of this in-your-face power if you know how to use it correctly. but it also can just make beautiful sound. i know what you're thinking... violins and clarinets are for making beautiful sounds, but no really the mello glorious sound of a tuba played right is like a cello. just hearing those notes, those low powerful foundation notes... they fill you up right to the top. and then when you're creating them? when the buzzing of your lips make a soundwave that shakes the chairs in the backrow of an auditorium?! now that is a fantastic feeling. i'm so glad i still have enough talent in me to be able to sight read a whole bunch of music after 4 years of really not playing at all. it was really fantastic. and i LOVED it.
another recent development is that scott has a game on his iPad that's a pirates game. and we're both (mildly) obsessed with it. holy cow. it's really funny. and it's made us in an extremely pirate happy mood. we went to buildabear this weekend for our friday night date and we almost made a pirate, but then we picked the naval uniform and now have Commander Russell. yeahhhh! and then today we pulled out Muppet Treasure Island and watched it after i went visiting teaching. yeah. pirates are awesome. well at least the old school kind. somalian pirates not so much. but anyway!
that's about all for now. making biscuits and gravy tonight! and our old friend Will from CP is coming over to share it with us. OH and we're also making peppermint-chocolate chip ice cream YUM. so far our favorite has been the peanutbutter reeses cups ice cream that we made last week. needless to say it didn't last very long.
but seriously... that's all folks!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Poor little bunny...

Well, we've officially gone through the "first cold" stage of our Marriage. it's funny to me to think that Scott and I have never been with each other when one is sick. we've never really had to take care of each other in that respect before. but its definitely nice to know we can.

My family are medicine-takers. if you have a headache, take a tylenol, if you have a fever, take a motrin regimen, if you are stuffy, take a sudafed. that's just the way it works. if there's one thing i've learned through my cases of flu, strep, and colds in my life, it's that the best way to get rid of something quickly is to hit it as hard as you can. which means, as soon as you know you're really sick, you bust out all the meds that will pump you back into shape. it's not abuse, it's science.
i'm saying this because i've had roommates before that would rather lie in agony with a pillow over their face with a migrane than swallow a pill to make it go away. personally, i think that's kind of dumb. and i was pretty sure Scott wasn't that way before... but now i'm absolutely sure. he's a good little patient. he only asked what i was giving him, and then took it obediently, and then helped remind me when his next dosage was. now there's a fella who wants to feel better!
he was feeling pretty crummy saturday night, and then Sunday he was pretty down... that's when the fever hit, but we got him pumped with sudafed, tylenol, and motrin all at once and got him on the road to recovery. he didn't really sleep Saturday night, but he definitely slept sunday night, and monday morning he was just fine! thank goodness it was just a small bug. about a day and a half. not much more.
he's still a bit stuffy, so good thing we have lots of tissues! but he is definitely ten times better than yesterday.
that's another funny thing i've learned about the last few days though. Last Wednesday, my sister-in-law Corinne had a surgery, and so i watched her kids all day Wednesday and helped her on Saturday while the boys were at priesthood session. i realized that because of the way i grew up in my family, taking care of people is really easy for me. playing with kids is easy, tiring out a 2 year old so he will finally take a nap is easy, making dinner, feeding everyone, making sure the sick ones get their meds and lots of water and food if they can handle it... those things are really easy to me. and i know how important they are, believe me i do, but it just seems to me like i definitely need more than just that. which is why of course i'm going to be going to get my MS in Speech language pathology, so i can have a career. i don't know, it just seems like since its so easy for me it's not entirely fulfilling? it's weird. i havent figured it out yet. i'm very glad to do it though. very glad. i love helping people and taking care of them! i do! just so long as that's not the only thing i'm doing. anyway...
conference was awesome as usual... and i'm getting back into croceting again!
also, if anyone wants to move into a new apartment in november... lemme know! because hopefully Scott and I will be moving in Orem to be neighbors with my brother and his wife! yay! that'll be fun. and it's a bigger apartment for the same price wahoo!
anyway that's about all for now!