Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall or winter? will the weather please make up its mind?

So Halloween day was absolutely beautiful. clear blue skies, a few puffy clouds, warm with just a little hint of fall coldness in the air... and then BAM! the next morning, cold, rainy, and then snowy. grey skies, icy wind, and just not fun in general. welcome to winter? but that's the way utah is... you can LITERALLY have all four seasons in one day. actually in about 12 hours. i've seen it happen. no joke.

but so for halloween, Scott and i were Han solo and Leia, which was pretty freaking awesome actually. our costumes looked a lot cooler than i thought they would be. of course, i couldn't find a vest for scott, so i made one out of pleather i got at Joanne's. i was pretty proud of myself. no sewing machine, no pattern... i just basically formed it based on the size of one of scott's shirts and stitched it together myself. turned out pretty well, i must say. it is the first functional piece of clothing that i have ever made by myself. booya. but we had a really great time. we hosted a small halloween get together on friday, which was awesomely fun, and then saturday we had our primary rehearsal and then a BBQ and then the Temple with Travis and Erin, and then another party. awesome. needless to say, we had A LOT of pizza that weekend. but no complaining here!
sunday, of course, was the primary program, and it actually went a lot better than i thought. we're getting released this sunday in preparation for us to move next week BOOYA! yes!! so excited to move. we started out loving our apartment, and we do still like it, but in comparison with what we are going to be moving into... yeah. the new one is a lot nicer. anyway! monday night we spent at Travis and Erin's again, we had dinner, ate lots of halloween candy, and watched the new A-Team movie, which is awesome, by the way. if you haven't seen it... see it.
which brings us to tuesday... where scott and I went to see PRESIDENT MONSON speak at devotional. yeahh! it was really awesome. so glad i went. and honestly, getting to see prophets and apostles speak in person is basically the one reason left i have to actually like byu. everything else... not so much. besides the linguistics department of course. but hey i'm biased in that regard. anyway
wednesday morning i woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat, but went shopping with Corinne and her little boys. which was fun :D but then i got home and realized that i had a cold.... and it just got worse throughout the day. so i'm sick... again... jeez! i haven't been sick so often probably since elementary school. you know, when your immune system is still developing? when i was at school i was surrounded by 34,000 people every day and would never get sick but once in a while. i didn't even really get sick while i was in the JUNGLE! but i guess it happens... i'm a firm believer that the right levels of stress actually boost your immune system, because there's that "NO I CANNOT BE SICK RIGHT NOW" coursing through your veins. i'm a fan of that thought.
anyway, still looking for jobs... still coming up empty for the moment... but whatever. we'll find something sometime. i hope.
and so, i've read 5 books in the last 9 weeks. all totaling over 400 pages each. i've read "the House at Riverton" by Kate Morton, "The Help", the first and second Harry Potter books, and "The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman. oh how i love reading. i'm also now working on chapter 5 of my latest rewrite. i'm totally on track for getting this latest rewrite really seriously underway... but i'm just working on timing issues now. i mean teh whole beginning before was to show that the main character became optimistic just for everything to come horribly crashing to the ground. and right now she's optimistic, and i'm wondering WHEN things should come horribly crashing to the ground. so you know, tha'ts coming along... hopefully i'll get things really rolling, because i figure by the fifth chapter, the main driving actions of the story will come into play. as in the war will begin. war makes a good premise for stories, just sayin'.
anyway that's about it for now. i'm feeling a lot better today, probably because i took nyquil and actually got some sleep last night. i slept like 12 hours! but i guess that makes up for not really sleeping at all the night before. we had a plan for date night tonight, but that's totally not going to happen with me being sick and with the weather supposed to be really nasty tonight. we'll probably just stay in, make some popcorn, and watch a movie. i'm good with that.
OH I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! not only did he stay home from school yesterday to take care of me, the dear, but he also went to target and bought a heater. OH THE JOY. the owners upstairs have the thermostat set at about 68, which is great for the main house, but we're in the basement and don't get a lot of heat staying down here... so when it's 68 upstairs it feels about 60 downstairs. and when you're wearing 2 pairs of wool socks and your toes are still ice?? not a happy thing. so we love it. and i'ts awesome. and this way we can just be warm whenever we want :D
so that's about all. i'm going to go eat something and take more drugs so that my nose will hate me slightly less than it does now.