Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays...

So... time for a bit of an update.

we've moved into our new apartment and it's AWESOME. LOVE IT SO MUCH!! so much more light, more space, and it's a lot cleaner than the other place we were in. plus trav and erin are upstairs and we share meals all the time! sooooo great :D

Thanksgiving was awesome. we spent the first round at the Thomas' (My Eldest brother's wife's parents... odd connection, I know, but they're AWESOME people :D and so welcoming!) and then after that we drove up to Bountiful where there was a HUGE conglomeration of Mumfords. Mumfords is kind of a general term since Rhonda's family is Perkes and Melissa's family is Pace, Gramma's lastname is technically Hawkins and of course my last name is Daly. But hey, they were all Mumfords at one point or another... or their parents were Mumfords at one point or another. so there. but it was awesome! we had a great old time! lots of yummy food, lots of interesting conversation. probably the most benign mumford thanksgiving i've ever been to. and of course most of them are my cousins who had yet to meet Scott, so he met a LOT of new people that night. but we had an amazing time and i was very grateful for it.
moving on...

We went black friday shopping... Toys R us opened at 9pm thanksgiving night. it really wasn't too bad... until we got to the checkout line. that went all the way. around the store. seriously. it took TWO HOURS to get through the line just to get to the check out!! it was madness and we were wondering if it was worth it just as the line began to move faster. i'm glad we stuck it out tho... we got some really great deals and most of our shopping done. And then on Friday we avoided all retailers. it was a rather wonderful day.
It was really really nice having Scott to myself for 5 whole days. it's been a long time since we've been able to spend that much time together. and we had a lot of fun! we cooked, played games, watched movies, and we went to see The Help! Scott enjoyed it and i loved it because i loved the book. and it was in the dollar theatre. booya.

So December came... and with it Utah realized that it's supposed to be winter. blahhhh. i guess it doesn't really matter for me since i'm inside 99% of the time... but yeah still don't enjoy it at all. there hasn't been a good snow yet... i have a feeling January will be blizzard month at this rate. i've never had a utah winter that's been this mild up to this point, so i'm sure the madness is coming. not looking forward to that. but it's okay.

looking at a few job opportunities for me... nothing solid yet... maybe the universe will give me a Christmas present! more later... my typing may be keeping scott awake... ah well. 2 more days of classes! yahoo!