Monday, May 21, 2012

All play and no work? no thank you.

So apparently people actually read this thing, so i thought i'd update from my last rather depressing post and write something only lightly less down.  Mostly just an update on my life.
> Spending my mornings helping out at Olympic High school in the spanish dept.  need 40 + hours of observation to qualify for the masters in teaching program at UW.
> I'm actually doing the paperwork for UW since Scott and I finally decided that it would be beneficial to my mental health if we stayed here... pending acceptance to UW for him. (crossing fingers)
> Applied for jobs at the mall, and also a cut-up job at the shipyard.  cutting up a huge boat with torches? yes please.
> There are a handful of people in the ward now that actually know me by name and are actually taking time to know me (instead of "scott's wife" or "another Daly") which is WONDERFUL
> Scott and I are taking an AARL Ham radio class together. which i'm SO excited about. gonna make grandpa proud :D
> We want a dog. well i want a dog really bad and scott is ok with it. A pug. named Moose. or a schnauzer named Batman.  but we're open to suggestions on breeds.
> For the first time in a long time, feeling optimistic about the future.

And that basically wraps it up  nicely. got an A+ in my ASL class, got out of Provo ok. Spent an afternoon in boise on the way up. annnnd that's about it, really.

What i want to happen is this:
>get the job. Job at the mall or job at the shipyard i don't really care.  though the shipyard one pays a LOT better.
>Get into M.I.T program starting in March.
> Graduate 3 months before scott
>Scott graduates
> International trip (Jerusalem, or China, or Europe, etc.)
> get a job. real job this time.  career type job. hire on at a school. high school, middle school, or community college. don't really care. just a good job. that uses my masters degree.
> Live happily ever after. which is code for... we'll see where we are when we get that far.

So that's about it, i guess. Here's to hoping that the future is a hell of a lot better than the last 8 months have been.