Sunday, November 11, 2012


I hate the snow.  Probably because I hate being cold, I extremely dislike winter, and crazy Utah drivers are even crazier when there's snow, ice, and even salt on the roads.  But there is one part of snow that I do enjoy.  The silence of it.

When you think about it, Spring is about mezzo forte, summer is about a fortissimo, and fall fades back to a mezzo forte or mezzo piano.  But winter?  Winter is piano.  And when that first snow falls, it's pianissimo.  There's just something about waking up in the morning, or looking out your window in the evening after it's been snowing for a long time.  My Dad calls it 'virgin snow.'  it's the snow that's piled up, covering everything and anything, with no tracks, no ice, and no dirt mixed in.  It's just a fresh blanket covering everything.  And for the first time in a long time, it's silent.
Even the sounds of cars driving past my street seem muffled.  Everything seems muffled under the thick blanket that built up after hours of precipitation.  And at night, even when there's a football game at the university, or even when cars are driving past, it all seems so quiet.  so peaceful.
At night, when there's enough cloud cover, the snow and the clouds both reflect the light of the city, and it seems brighter at midnight than it did at sunset.  that combined with the stillness of the cold air and the shushing power of fresh snow... it just seems to me a little bit magical.

It is a peaceful scene i am imagining.  After a long day of doing everything i do, bowing my head against the wind and the storm, suddenly the snowing stops and i can look up for the first time.  And i see a world made bright by something other than the sun, and a thick powdery blanket surrounds me.  No tracks, no mud, no slush.  just fresh snow on all sides.  instead of a crunch beneath my feet instead its more of a groan.  The sounds of the city, the street, and my life all become quiet.  and i am at peace.

but other than that i really hate snow.  It's annoying.  it's super cold. and i've been hit in the face really hard with a few too many snowballs to even find that an attractive notion.  I do like ice skating though. and i like the warm soups, fresh baked cookies, and hot chocolate that come with cold weather.  so long as i have a heater i guess i'll survive.  And i guess i'll put up with winter a little longer if i can have those small precious moments where the snow makes the world a little bit quieter and a lot more beautiful.